Electronic Cigarettes In 2017

Electronic cigarettes continue to soar in global popularity. Like vape pens and e-cigars, e-cigarettes are available in many different shapes and sizes. In fact, some brands only offer disposable electronic cigarettes, while others are designed for recurring use. These top brands consist of high-quality components that emit superior vapor and great taste. They also feature USB charging cables, along with cartomizers which contain the e-liquids for flavoring and nicotine intake. While those are mainly sold separately, they are essential in securing the perfect vaping or e-cigarette experience. Here are some of the top brands and sellers based on e-cigarette reviews 2017, which are based on industry ratings and customer reviews.

Halo Cigs

When it comes to e-cigarette reviews 2017, Halo Cigs remains the best product and brand. With superior quality and taste, these popular e-cigs are perfect for seasoned vapers or new users. In fact, the Halo G6 starter kit is perfect for smokers that want to switch to electronic cigarettes. The kit features the actual e-cigarette unit, along with rechargeable battery and USB connection. There are many different colors and flavors available, as well as user-friendly nicotine intake controls. The G6 is heralded for its amazing taste and easy features, along with being the preferred choice for millions of e-cig enthusiast and aficionados.


Cigavette has been around since the inception of the electronic cigarette. As true pioneers, they are definitely on the list of top e cigarette reviews 2017. With their signature Cigalike range, the company continues to receive stellar industry ratings and customer reviews. In fact, their Cigalike e-cigs are available in several models, and always designed to ensure the best flavor and tastes. From e-liquids and e-juice to batteries and units that truly resemble traditional cigarettes, Cigavette is back and better than ever!


Vapor4Life has also been around for many years and is a pioneer in the e-cig industry. They offer a range of flavors and also help customers find the right electronic cigarettes to meet their needs. All units feature rechargeable batteries, along with USB connectors and a choice of colors and flavors. From e-cigs to vapes, Vapor4Life continues to receive great reviews and feedback from its customers and clients. Their products also feature promotional specials, discounts, and savings on all online purchases and shipping.

Vuse E-Cigarettes

Vuse is considered one of the top cost-effective e-cigs on the market today. In fact, their products are perfect for first-time users, as well as seasoned e-cig users. Their convenient kit features one cartridge with e-juice and a USB charger. Additional flavor cartridges are sold separately; however, the included cartridge is packed with dazzling aroma and flavor. Vuse e-cigs are great for seeing if these products meet your specific needs. They are limited in the number of e-cigs and vapes but are still a great product for users across the board.

Green Smoke E-Cigs

Green Smoke e-cigs have also made the e cigarette reviews 2017 list. With its signature Essentials Kit starting at just $29.99, you get everything you need to enjoy vaping at home or on the go. The Kit includes a battery and two cartomizers, along with a convenient USB charging section to power up your battery. The cartomizer flavors include Traditional Tobacco and Menthol — both containing nicotine at 1.8% levels.

So many customers have praised Green Smoke for offering user-friendly vaping and mod items. The unit is not only easy to use but is equipped with the right functional accessories. This means no more going through countless accessories just to get the right flavor or amount of nicotine you need. Green Smoke may not top the list this year –but it is definitely the preferred brand for countless vapers across the world.

Blu E-Cig

Blu E-Cig also continues to be a great brand with plenty of vaping, mods, and e-cig products. Their kits feature 1 battery and USB charger each, along with a convenient wall adapter for direct charging or recharging. Cartridges also contain e-liquid with great tobacco flavors. There is also the popular menthol flavored unit, as well as other flavors and e-juice mixes as well. The original kit is priced at $12 — making it the most cost-affordable e-cig product on the market today. While other brands certainly offer more features and accessories, Blu remains a heavy-hitter in the world of e-cigs and vapes.

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