Switching To Vaping

More people are shifting from traditional tobacco products to electronic cigarettes. The health benefits are undeniable. Health professionals have been preaching about the dangers of smoking since time immemorial. Smokers know that these are true having experienced these themselves and seeing their friends succumb to illness. They are aware of what’s coming if they don’t stop yet the addiction is preventing them from changing their ways. The advent of e-cigs is helping people gain back control over their lives and their health. Vaping is a far better alternative as there are fewer toxins and the nicotine level can be controlled to the point of elimination. If you are raring to start, head over to V2.com to get your first kit.

Large Selection

V2 is known for being one of the largest retailers in the US of electronic cigarettes and related products. Among the reasons for its success is the large selection it offers to its customers. Everyone will find something to like on its virtual shelves. There is an incredible amount of variety out here including starter kits, vaporizer kits, cartridges, e-liquids, and much more. Vaping enthusiasts of all level will be able to satisfy their needs with just the right product and specifications. If you have been frustrated while shopping at other stores, then give this one a try.

US Designs

Another great thing about V2 is that they carry products that have been designed here in the US. They don’t just import the cheapest hardware from overseas. There are countless products from China with some being of questionable quality because of low design and manufacturing standards. You’re not really sure how long they will last or how well they will perform. Some are actually pretty decent but others are just a waste of money. V2 takes out the guesswork by giving consumers a number of high-quality options. Each has been tested to make sure that they perform as advertised.

Excellent Service

Should you ever have any problems with your order, just give them a call and they will handle the situation promptly. You will never have to worry about delayed shipments and wrong billing statements. Whatever the issue might be, the representatives will listen to your concerns and implement the proper solution. You won’t have to wait for long to get a satisfactory resolution. You can check the online reviews of previous customers to get an idea of how well the customer service department of V2 works. Try them yourself. You will not be disappointed.

30-Day Guarantee

Yet another reason to shop at the site is their 30-day guarantee. You can get your money back after this period if you are not satisfied with the items you bought with no questions asked. Of course, this would only apply to the non-consumables. Check the terms and conditions to learn more about this guarantee. This should be a welcome relief for anyone who isn’t quite sure whether to spend their dollars here or elsewhere. There is virtually no risk since you can always get a refund if the items prove to be a dud. The fact that the company is confident enough to stand by their products is a great sign.

Lifetime Warranty

What’s more, shoppers will also enjoy the peace of mind brought by the lifetime warranty on certain products. Check the details of each item to see if this applies to them. With this type of warranty, you can basically sit back and relax about your shopping because you will not be left alone if ever you encounter a problem down the road. Just contact the company through its customer service hotline and you will get immediate assistance for your concern. Since the coverage lasts for a lifetime, you won’t ever have to purchase a new one unless you truly wish to upgrade.

Great Value

Lastly, the store is able to provide high-quality products while keeping the costs down to manageable levels. You can expect to get great value out of your money. You can even use V2 Cigs Coupons August 2017 to further reduce your expenses and stretch your dollars even further. In many ways, vaping can be much cheaper than smoking regular cigarettes especially if you factor in the healthcare savings.

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